This page was last updated: September 30, 2011
Soga & Emmett
Hi all and THANK YOU for blessing us with the 2 most perfect pups ever! We kept Emmett's name and renamed Emma, Soga (short for Saratoga). They can sit, stay (for the most part, Emmett KNOWS and WANTS the snack NOW!) retrieve a ball and lay so far.. They have the best personalities and we know we made the right choice with taking both. We absolutely love them and they are doing very well.
The vet couldn't locate Soga's chip, which he said was common. They both are very healthy and have each gained 12 lbs in 3 weeks, which the Vet was very happy with. Emmett is very much the pig, even though they get the same thing he has to take Soga's away, he is learning he can't do that and he doesn't like it. Soga is definitely trying to be the dominant one, but nothing has been decided yet. They play play play! They cram themselves into their small kennel so they can be close. We have kennels inside their doghouse and they love being in one (the small one) together.
The allergies did effect Dad and he has been dealing with them with Zyrtec. Seth and Jordyn did well, as we assumed. They are outside A LOT of the time and have a beautiful huge yard where they play. We decided to go with a  "Freedom Fence" instead of the privacy fence for now and they learned quickly. Trainers were very impressed. Both Emmett and Soga are very smart dogs. (I know sounds like bragging parents, YEP!)
Thanks again for the quick decision and making not only Emmett and Soga happy, but this Mackie family smile everyday! (Sometimes Dad gets a little annoyed because HE leaves his garage door opened and they seem to find his tools and gloves.. but they are Dad's favorite past-time..  haha!)
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