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Frequently Asked Questions
Application Process:

How does it work?
A: The first step is to fill out the adoption application which can be found on our website.
    The next step:  one of our volunteers will contact you generally within 48-72 hours of receiving the application.  She will then check references and providing all looks well, we will then set up a home visit.  Once approved that is when you would be able to meet anyone that you would be interested in.

How long does it take?
A:  The application/approval process generally takes about a week in total.  We are an all volunteer group and this time frame may vary depending on the availability of our volunteers and your family.

What is the home visit about?
A:  When we do a home visit it is all about making sure the environment is appropriate for the animal that you are interested in.  Also to make sure that the pet you are interested in is a good match for both the pet and your family.  We are all about making the best match for everyone.

When do I get to meet the pet?
A:  Once you have completed the approval process then an appointment is made for you to meet the pet you and your family are interested in.  The reason we do it this way is because all of our animals are in foster homes.  These foster families are all volunteer and we try to make it as easy as possible for everyone.

When do I find out if I am approved?
A:  You find out that you are approved as soon as we finalize your application.

Will you let me know if I am not?
A: We will let you know if you are not approved if you would like us too.

When can I adopt if approved?
A: Once you are approved with our group, you are approved.  You are able to adopt at any point and if you are not ready at the time your application is completed, then we will hold your application in our active/pre-approved file until you are ready.

What if it doesn't work out?
A:  We try to make the best match we can for the animals in our care and the families that are adopting. If for any reason it does not work out, let us know and the pet is to come back to us.  There is not a refund of the adoption fee should this occur.

Will you keep my app in an active file if not adopting right now?
A: We keep all pre-approved applications on file if you request.

For how long?
A: Once you are pre-approved, we will keep your application on file until you tell us to remove it from this file for whatever reason.

Will you call me?
A: We always check our pre-approved applications when a new pet comes into our care and call if we think that we have a good match and call to see if you are still interested in adopting.

Should I keep an eye on the website?
A:  You should always keep your eye on our website as our animals are coming in and being adopted on a regular basis.  Don’t forget to also check in our courtesy postings and pending links as well.

Will I be ahead of someone else if I get pre-approved at the time I fill out the app?
A:  All pre-approved applications have first choice when a new pet comes into our care looking for a home.

How much are the adoption fees?
A:  Adoption fees start at $75-150 for cats and kittens and $100-$400 for dogs. 

What is included? 
A:  Age appropriate shots, Spay / Neuter, Worming, Flea/Tick Treatment (Seasonal), Grooming before the go to their new forever home.

What type of payment is accepted?
A:  Check, cash or credit card (Mastercard and Visa Only). 

Where does the money go?
A:  All adotion fees cover the cost of vetting, food and other necessities for the pet that you are adopting.  On the rare occasion that the expense was less than the adoption fee, the difference goes toward another animal that may be in need of extensive medical care.  Some of the most common are: dental work, heart worm treatment, and other unforseen surgeries.

What is a good food to feed?
A:  All of the animals in our care are fed the highest quality foods.  None of the foods have wheat, food coloring, by products, and all those other really long words that no one really knows what it is...in other words...no mystery ingredients.

What do you recommend?
A:  Innova, California Natural, Evo, Merrick (more so their canned food).

What Vet do you use?
A:  We have two primary Vets and another Vet that we work closely with. 
As per policy, if you ask us we will be happy tell you, however we will not post it on our site.

Adoptable Animals:

Where do they come from?
A:  The animals in our care come from a variety of places for various reasons. 
All of our cats are from our own local community.  The adult cats are generally owner surrenders, and all of our kittens were found in various places, as their moms were either wild cats, abandoned.  Or family owned pets that were not spayed.
Our dogs come from local owner surrenders, abandoned at Vet clinics / boarding kennels, and shelters both locally and out of state.

Why do we help animals from the South?
A:  An animal in need is an animal in need no matter where they are located.  In our area, though there are many backyard breeders and pet stores, puppies can not be found elsewhere, and not everyone wants to pay the price to these locations.  Many families come to us because they want a puppy as well as help an animal in need / save a life. 

How do we get them to our rescue?
A:  If they are a local owner surrender the owners generally bring them to us.  If they are coming from an out of state shelter, we personally transport them ourselves, or they come on a licsensed, bonded transport company at limited expense or no cost to us.  If there is a cost, this expense is not reflected in the adoption fee.

How much do we know about the pet?
A:  All of our animals are in foster care and in real life situations which gives us the opportunity to get to know them and be able to make a match for both adoptive families and the animals themselves.

Temperament tested?
A:  In some cases when coming from a shelter they are, "officially" temperament tested.  Others that are owner surrendered, we only know what the previous family tells us, and what we learn about the pet while they are in foster care.  In our opinion, this is the best way to get to know a pet.

Where can I meet the "kids?"
A:  Since all of our "kids" are in foster homes, a completed application and appointment is necessary to meet any of the pets in our rescue.

Why is it important to Spay & Neuter?
By spaying and neutering just one male and one female cat,
more than 2,000 unwanted births will be prevented in just four years –
and more than 2 million in 8 years!

The only way to stop the needless deaths of 5,000,000 animals a year is to stop overpopulation and the only way to stop pet overpopulation is through spay/neuter.

It may sound like a simple solution, but the road to reaching this goal is still long and steep. Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue understands the vital importance of spay/neuter and its impact on the overpopulation problem. To that end, every dog and cat in the care of Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue is spayed or neutered prior to their adoption.

This page was last updated: September 30, 2011
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