Volunteer Information

Q:What is involved in doing Home Visits?

A: We are looking for people to make appointments to visit the homes of the applicants seeking to adopt.  We do receive applications from all over and outside of the capital district.  If interested, you can limit your distance if you choose and/or choose your area's in which you are able and/or willing to travel.  Home visit generally take about a half hour to an hour depending on answering questions from both you and the potential adopter.  This commitment is on the average 2-3 home visits per week.  We are more or less match makers.  Having home visits helps us make sure that the adopter and the pet would be a good match for each other.

Q: What type of commitment is expected when attending an adoption clinic?
A:  Adoption clinics are generally one or two days per month.  They are nearly always on a Saturday and/or Sunday and run for 4-6 hours depending on location.  While there, you would be expected to be able to answer questions about the animals in our care as well as our adoption process.  At times the foster home families may or may not be able to attend.  If they are that is great, if not then you would be responsible for taking care of the foster animal during that time.  This would include dogs/puppies and/or cats/kittens.  At times we may have a raffle as well as a fundraiser during the clinic. 

Q: What is expected/meant by Fundraising?
A:  This would include selling whatever items may be for sale and/or raffle tickets at different fundraising events. Or helping us in raising funds for special needs animals that come into our care through out the year that may need extra medical attention.  This may also include helping us seek sponsors for different events that we may be hosting.  It may also be helping us with a candle book party or something similar.  There are many different ways to fundraise and we are always open to ideas too.

Q: Helping with the planning of and set up of events?
A:  This would be a bit longer commitment.  When we are hosting an event we begin months in advance.  We need people to help us seek sponsors, advertize and set up the day prior to and the day of the events.  As well as volunteer during the event.  If interested, you may even take on heading up a group of volunteers for the different planning needs.

Q:  What is involved with Grant Writing?
A:  That is a good question.  TIME is the answer.  Grant writing takes time and commitment.  There are pages and pages of questionnaires to fill out.  If you have any questions that you may not be able to answer, we are available to assist you however it would be primarily the volunteers responsibility to complete.  You would check in every so often with up dates on progress.  We can answer more questions if you are interested in taking on this position.

Q:  What is involved with fostering a pet in need?
A:  Please see our FAQ's page for all of your answers.  Thank you.
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