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Have you ever owned a pet in the past?

If yes, what kind?

Do you have any other pet's now?

How many dogs do you have living in your home?

How many cats do you have living in your home?

Why do you want to adopt / foster a pet?

Do all of the members of your household know that you plan to
adopt / foster a pet?

If not all of the members of the household know, why not?

Do any members of your house have allergies to any kind of pets or animals?

Who will be responsible for the care and cost of this pet?

Where will your pet be kept during the day?

Where will your pet be kept during the night time?

Amount of hours your pet will be alone:

Day                                 Night                        Someone is always home

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Have you ever had to give up or surrender a pet?

To Whom?

If yes, what were the reasons?

Have you ever adopted an animal before?

If yes, from where?

Is there a specific pet that you are looking to adopt?  Pet's name / Type

If you are considering adopting a cat or a kitten, will this pet be declawed?

Why would you or would you not declaw this cat or kitten?

Please name three references with phone numbers.  Please include at least one person that is not related and / or a personal friend (business reference).
Please do not list your veterinarian as a reference.

Reference # 1

Reference # 2

Reference # 3

Name and Phone number of your Veterinarian

There will not be any holds of any pets, for any reason, or for any length of time, unless the adoption fee is paid.

Adoption is on a first come, first served basis.

Please read and initial all of the below:

The proposed adopter gives permission for Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue to call my veterinarian for reference information. 


The proposed adopter understands and agrees to allow Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue to call my landlord for reference information.


The proposed adopter understands and agrees that Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue will not allow any physical altering of the adopted pet unless written documentation from a licened veterinarian is provided.  Supporting only the need for such altering in emergency, injury, or health related problems only.
This includes, but is not limited to, the docking of ears, the docking on tails over the age of three days old, and declawing.


Please understand that many of our animals are rescues.  As a rescued animal they may come with some issues (potty training, obedience training, etc.)

Are you willing to accept the responsibility to have, love, and care for your new pet as well as the patience and financial responsibility that comes with taking a pet into your home?
I (proposed adoptor) also understand that Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue has provided all of the basic health care needed to the pet.

I understand and agree to all of the above, and agree that all of the information given on this contract is true and correct.  I also agree that If I am approved for adoption, that I am prepared to make a lifelong commitment to my pet.

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Adoption / Foster Application
Please notify your veterinarian that a volunteer from Waggin' Tails Pet Rescue will be calling for a reference as most vets will not speak with us without your permission.
If this is your first pet, please note "First Pet."
What type of dog do you have and how many?
Pet Rescue
HouseApartmentDormLive with Parentsmobile/manufactured home
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