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Elizabeth's Story
Elizabeth is a wonderful little girl who was found living in the streets of Schenectady back in Oct. of 2009.  She was “trapped” along with 6 others at that time and has been with us ever since.  She is a sweet girl who though not crazy about being carried around is very interested in being pet and “hanging out with you”.  Elizabeth would do best as an only pet but can coexist with other cats. Dogs on the other hand are a different story as she has let us know that she will flat out refuse to live with any dogs.  She would be great for a senior/quieter home because she is a laid back type of cat and not one to play with children.
Elizabeth's friend Boris has found his new forever home. Now she is currently sharing the office with Anessa and on occasion Storm as well.  She will even go as far as sharing with Anessa's babies, Teedra and Theodora.  She has come such a long way and though she has made herself at home here with us, we know that she would love to have her own home for the Holidays.  Please fill out the adoption application located as the second link down on each page for more information on Elizabeth.                                           
Our required adoption donations are $75-150 for cats and kittens   
Please see "FAQ" for an explanation on our required adoption donations.

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10/2/10: Storm has moved out of her cage!  She is free roaming though we still keep her cage set up for her with the door open because she still likes to sleep and eat in it.  She is a funny little girl who has stolen the hearts of everyone here.  She is really something special.  She came to us back in September of 2009 when she was only about six weeks old and we can not believe that no one has come to take her home yet.  She gets along with other cats and loves the kittens.  Though she would most likely prefer to live without any dogs, she would most likely just avoid if she had to.  
If you are interested in meeting our special Storm, please visit our website and fill out the adoption application which is located as the second link down on each page.  Once recieved one of our volunteers will contact you and be able to answer any questions you may have at that time.  Thank you
Penelope has really come out of her shell.  She is about 2+ years old at this time.  Having come from the same place as Storm last September of 2009, she was shy and withdrawn when she arrived.  She didn't want anything to do with anyone at that time.  She is now more "friendly" in the sense that she greets us when we come in and when it is feeding time.  However she does seem slightly depressed as she has not found her new home to settle into yet.  She would not be appropriate for a home with dogs however if she was to live with one, she would definately let them know that she does not want to play or be best friends.  Most likely would ignore.  She would do best in a home with children of teenage years or no children.  She is not one to be "cuddled" however when she decides she would be happy to hang out with you and visit for a while.  
If you are interested in more information or meeting Penelope, please fill out the adoption application which is located as the third link down on the right side of each page of our website.  Once received, one of our volunteers will contact you and be able to answer any questions you may have at that time.  Thank you. 
The artwork used in the background of this page is used with permission from Denise Every of Peicasa Art.  To see more of Denise's Art Work, Please see the "Events Page" for a link to her online store.

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