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RocketRocket aka Rocky, Rock, Rocket Man...
He is AMAZING!!! This little guy had to have both eyes taken out about 3 weeks before we got him.(Sept. 25, 2010) You would swear he can still see. He had the floor plan of the house down in 3 days. He does stairs, plays catch and flips the toy back to you, fully house trained, loves to play.
You would think he would be depressed having the eyes just out , but he plays, runs around and is just so happy !!!
Loving life !!! He is Super Smart, knows to sit, shake,and lay down. He is just as happy to lay in your lap for a couple hours, and is free with the kisses too !!! Nobody should have second thoughts about taking him in because he is blind, he will Amaze you !!! I had to put his toys away to get him to stop playing one of the first nights. I put them in a bin, on top of my speakers on my entertainment stand, way up near the ceiling. A half hour later he came back in the room and sat there staring up at them, he must have quite the sniffer.....
He is Great with other dogs, and they seem to respect his blindness. We don't have cats, so not sure about them , but probably OK. He is neutered and up to date on all his shots, Just Needs Love.....A Very Well Adjusted Little Man,
Ready For Adoption !!! Please contact Elaine at or call 518-321-1530 for more information.
Winter is a courtsey posting for someone looking to place her.  She has a sad story to tell.  She was left behind when her owner moved.  Tied to his front pourch for four days.  She gets along with other dogs well.
Please call for more information
Thank you
Spunky & Tweek
Spunky & Tweek

Would prefer for them to go to a good home together, but can go as a single. Whomever can take them I can get vet records. They'll also get their food bowls, kennels, blankets, collars, leashes, harnesses and so on. And I would like to extend the offer to pet sit if they ever needed it, and whatever else I can do to help.

cell phone 518-496-0076

Tweek (left)
7 year old altered male (11/7/04)
Great Pyrenees/Shepherd Mix - Tan
70 pounds
VERY smart and loves to learn
VERY loving and cuddly once he gets to know people, but seems to bond more readily to men.
Likes kids and cats, although not very friendly with dogs outside of his mother and brother.
Was diagnosed last month with Chronic Bronchitis which is currently being treated along with an ear infection.
Has food allergies. He's been on a diet of Purina One's Lamb and Rice or Chicken and Rice. (Gives him some variety.) But is fine with treats.
Kennel trained.

Spunky (right)
7 year old altered male (11/7/04)
Great Pyrenees/Shepherd Mix - Tan and White
Approximately 60 - 70 pounds.
Loves attention and to cuddle.
Likes cats, but not so great with other dogs (with his mother and brother as exceptions) or kids.
Has had problems with his ears in the past, but has been problem free for a while.
Has food allergies. He's been on a diet of Purina One's Lamb and Rice or Chicken and Rice. (Gives him some variety.) But is fine with treats.
Kennel trained.

Please meet Clay and Jack! They are 5-year-old neutered siblings, vaccinated and FlV negative, indoor cats. Their mom has had a recurrence of cancer and her prognosis is not good. She no longer had the energy or ability to care for her boys, so asked me to take them and find them a new loving home together. I picked them up in Syracuse last week and they are in a foster home awaiting their new life.

They are wonderful cats. Tall, handsome, and very friendly. They greeted me at the door when I came to meet them and pick them up, talked to me, and showed no signs of fear or shyness. During our 2.5 hour ride home, they occasionally meowed, and when I would tell them it was going to be okay, they would each reply with a soft "mew." They came into their foster home quietly but curious, and within 5 minutes of being there, they were playing with a few toys, and going from room to room checking things out. Even picking them up was a joy -- they had no resistance, and seemed to like the attention. Their mom said they have never ripped any furniture, or destroyed anything, and are the cleanest and calmest cats she's ever known. So far their foster home agrees. I've got to say that they are two of the friendliest and gentlest cats I've ever met. Were it not for my one dog who is far too interested in cats, I would have driven them straight home with me for good.

Please spread the word about Clay and Jack. I know there are so many cats and kittens already needing homes, but these two brothers are stellar house cats and will make wonderful companions for just about anyone. They MUST stay together; they have always been together and their mom made me promise I would keep them together.

Anyone interested can contact me at this e-mail address --

Thanks, on behalf of Clay and Jack, and their mom. I'd like to be able to tell her they have found a loving home together so she no longer has to worry about them.

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